The School Bus

school bus

1] The school bus picked up children from every corner of the village. The kids sat squeezed together in the tiniest of spaces. Vikas always had to stand near the edge of the tyre. But today he was not afraid of standing because today was his last day in this shitty old school bus.

He was going to run away from the village in search of a better life.

2] Vikas was always excited to take the School bus. It was the best part of his day. He always chose to stand near the edge of the tyres. He loved the bumps, the air that swiftly moved past his face. He felt free. He felt alive.

3] Vikas had been doing this for the last 20 years. Driving the village kids to school in this same School bus. He was too attached to the bus. But the new kids were spoilt and  wanted everything new from mobile phones to school bus. He was loosing his  clout and his clients. He had to upgrade himself and his school bus if he wanted to survive.


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